India Has Malaria Treatment Thousand Of Year Ago, When World Was Fighting The Battle With It

New Delhi: Malaria is a disease caused by mosquitoes (Malaria Mosquitoes), which were untreated at one time. About 3,50,000 years ago, when humans began to move out of Africa, they looked for grasslands and dry areas like the Desert of Asia. But there were also a lot of mosquitoes that cause malaria.

How humans entered India is an unresolved puzzle for scientists. Although one made by scientists New studies We have found the answer to this question.

How did people enter India? (Malaria Treatment)

According to the report of the TOI, Dr. Attila J. Treasure, the lead author of the study published in the international journal ‘Quaternary International’, says that even when science was not born, Indian medicine can fight and eliminate diseases.

Scientists of the Sustainability Solutions Research Lab at Panonia University in Hungary have done research. This research revealed how and why humans moved to Dry Areas thousands of years ago. Scientists have studied 449 archaeological sites to explore the reasons for migrating outside Africa and humans migrating, 94 of which are in India.

Diseases like malaria were the cause of migration

Dr. Treasure says that the study revealed that diseases like Malaria can be the major reason behind the migration of humans. The malaria parasite mosquito (Parasitic Mosquito) existed from 23 to 28 million years ago i.e. millions of years before the arrival of humans. It is said that at least one parasitic was present in the body of the ancestors of humans.

It is also believed that just like the development of humans, the malarial parasite also developed. About 60-70 thousand years ago, the movement of humans took place towards South Asia.

This can be the reason for the introduction of Ayurveda

About 12 thousand years ago, before the Neolithic Revolution, normal variants of Vivax are expected to be present in India. Researcher Dr. Treasure says that as the parasite’s development of malaria began to develop in India, India gradually developed a form of medicinal system to overcome such diseases.

This may have been the reason for Ayurveda joining the ancient system of medicine.

This must have been the reason for the migration of humans

This research indicates that thousands of years ago, mosquito-borne diseases may have been the major reason behind the migration of humans’ ancestors to dry places. Mosquitoes often thrive in wet and humid locations. In such a situation, there may have been a big reason behind the migration of humans towards the Indian subcontinent that even in the ancient medical system of India, treatment of mosquito-borne diseases like malaria was available.

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