Universe Sound: Scientists heard the ‘voice’ of the universe, is this the sign of ‘another world’?

Universe Sound: Scientists heard the ‘voice’ of the universe, is this the sign of ‘another world’?

Our universe is a treasure of such mysteries, about which scientists around the world have not been able to find out till date. However, scientists constantly try to learn about some mysteries and they also get success. At this time, scientists are working day and night to find out the possibility of life on Aliens and other planets.

No complete information has been received about them yet. Let us tell you that recently scientists have heard some such sounds from the universe (Humming Sound of the Universe) which are similar to the sound of ‘Hmmmmm’. However, this is not a sound because there is no medium available for the creation of Universe Sound in space.

What is this sound?

Actually, scientists have found a signal, which is believed to be evidence of waves, which is similar to ‘Humming Sound of the Universe’ sound. It is obviously not sound because there must be a medium for sound in space to be born which is not present there. It is speculated that this signal may be caused by Gravitational Waves.

What do scientists say?

Scientists believe that this signal (Universe Sound) can be caused by Gravitational Waves. The voice of ‘Hmmmm’ has been detected by the North American Nano Hertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav) and its findings have also been published in ‘Astrophysical Journal Letters’.

Significantly, NANOGrav is studying the signals from ‘Pulsar’, which are commonly known as the time of the Universe. According to scientists, it emits radio waves to collect data, which may be indicative of the effects of gravitational waves.

Study required for claim

From this research, chief researcher Joseph Simon says that based on the data, strong signals of this voice have been found. These signals have been found throughout the observation. Therefore, more study has to be done so that it can be known from where this voice originated.

NASA also tweeted

Earlier, scientists of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recorded the sound of the Sun. NASA itself gave information about this by tweeting.

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