UFO arrives from Space in Hawaii, people are in panic

New Delhi: Apart from Earth, there has been a long debate about life on other planets as well. (UFO Arrives from space) Some people say that they have seen UFO, and some say that they look at Aliens On Earth. This is also a big challenge for science. For the last several years, scientists have been trying to find out the presence of aliens, but so far no concrete evidence has been found of this.

UFO arrives from Space

On social media, people often keep mentioning such incidents in which they claim to see people from other planets. Recently, one such case has come to light, where people have seen a UFO descending from space on 29 December.

Night event on 29th December

The case has come to light from Oahu in Hawaii (UFO arrives from Space), where on the night of December 29, people saw a shining object from space coming towards Earth. This shining thing came down fast and then dissolved in the sea. This amazing incident was captured by Moriah in the car and her husband on their camera. Actually, as soon as they saw this shiny thing while passing through the road, both of them were surprised.

Media telecast

Moriah says that this shiny thing was bigger than a telephone pole. She came down very fast, like an airplane. However, he immediately realized that he was not a plane because no sound was coming from him. Hawaii Media telecasted this video (UFO Video).

This footage was shown to the FAA, who are now investigating it as well. Surprisingly, no plane has been reported missing in the area so far. In this case, it is not an incident of a missing plane either.

Scientists claim

After seeing this footage, Harvard Professor Avi Loeb said that this is another proof that there is life in another world and people come to Earth from there. In 2017, Loeb also wrote a thesis about life in space, in which he claimed to have life on another planet.

People in panic

This incident of 29 December was witnessed by many people all over Hawaii. Everyone says that some bright thing was coming down rapidly from the sky (Arrival Of UFO From Space) and then bu fell into the sea. At the same time, many scientists are calling it a piece of meteorite dropped from space. However, so far no space agency has reported such a meteorite falling on Earth. In such a situation, the people of Hawaii are scared by considering it as a spaceship.

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