Triple Conjunction: Amazing view of the trio of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the sky

New Delhi: Triple Conjunction – Amazing view of two planets in the sky recently (Great Conjunction) Was seen One such amazing sight will be seen once again. Today i.e. January 9 and tomorrow, the night of January 10, Jupiter (Jupiter) and Saturn (Saturn) planets along with Mercury Planet will also appear. Along with the conjunctions of the first two planets, now the third planet Mercury is also going to join it.

Skies will shine through rare eyes

On 9 January and 10 January 2021, this rare sight will be seen in the sky (Triple Conjunction) . In this, Saturn (Saturn), Jupiter (Jupiter) and Mercury (Mercury) will be seen forming triangles. These three planets will appear very close to each other for four days and will go away after January 10.

View after sunset

In December 2020, Saturn (Saturn) and Jupiter (Jupiter) planets came quite Nadjik. It was called The Great Conjunction. After hundreds of years, these two planets were seen so close. This view will be seen again. Let me tell you, Mercury takes only 88 days to revolve around the sun.

Astrophysicists say that it can be easily seen in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. On 9 and 10 January, the exact triangle of the three planets can be clearly seen shortly after sunset.

5 meteorites passed by the earth

Many astronomical events took place last year. The condition of 2021 is also similar. On 6 January 2021, about 5 meteorites passed by the Earth. These meteorites were even larger than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Pyramid of Egypt.

Meteorites are called celestial bodies, which roam freely in the universe. Sometimes they come into the orbit of the Earth and sometimes they go into the orbit of another planet. If the meteorite is more massive, it can also bring destruction on Earth.

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