The Oldest Supermassive Black Hole in the Universe: Know the Mystery about it

There is a Supermassive black hole in our galaxy, about which scientists have gathered many information. There are many mysterious things about Black hole – Apart from this, scientists have got another success. Actually, scientists have discovered the black hole located farthest from the earth. This black hole is 13 billion light years away from Earth.

According to experts from Arizona University, this black hole is very large and powerful (Supermassive Black Hole). It is quite old, it is believed that this black hole was formed when the universe was only 67 million years old.

Its brightness is thousand times more than Galaxy

The mass of a black hole called J0313-1806 is 1.6 billion times more than our sun. Its shine our Galaxy (Galaxy) more than a thousand times. Till now it is believed that the supermassive black hole originated from the death of a cluster of stars. The supermassive black hole is born just 10 million years after the Big Bang.

In order to grow it fast, 10 thousand times the mass of our sun would have been needed. This indicates that it is born out of a different process.

Oldest black hole

According to Professor Xiaohui Fan, at the beginning of the Universe, it would have grown so fast only by the collision of a black hole in the cold hydrogen. No big stars would have been needed for this. It can be understood by observing those processes which were fast when the universe was born but now slowed down or stopped.

According to the researchers (Researchers), it was not yet known how long this process was going on. The discovery of the oldest black hole shows that it has been happening much earlier.

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