The Great Black Hole of the Galaxy disappears, Is there any threat to Earth?

New Delhi: As much information as scientists have about The Great Black Hole of the galaxy, there are as many secrets as well. Currently, scientists are engaged in solving these mysteries. In such a situation, another question has put the scientists. Indeed, despite finding from the US Space Agency NASA’s Lunar X-ray Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have a Massive black hole Can not find.

Black hole has been removed from its place

Based on the Galaxy, the weight of this black hole is about 100 times billion more than the sun, but scientists are not getting it in their place. It was supposed to be a massive black hole in the Abell 2261, a Galaxy Cluster, 2.7 billion light years away from Earth. But it is not in its place.

Black holes occur in every galaxy

There is a supermassive black hole at the center of almost every galaxy, whose mass is billions of billions more times than our sun. Astronomers believe that this galaxy should have one of the largest black holes in the universe.

The search was started on the basis of data received from Chand in 1999 and 2004. They were detecting materials that would get hot due to falling into a black hole and have X-ray emission, but nothing was found.

New black hole formed by merging two black holes

In the year 2018, the team of University of Michigan’s Kiehn Gultekin started monitoring the occurrence of black holes in the center of the Galaxy. They saw that the two galaxies can combine with each other to form a supermassive galaxy. When such an event occurs, it produces Gravitational Waves.

If these waves are in one direction, the black hole moves away from the center, which is called Recoiling Black Hole.

Black hole is spinning mysteriously in space

Recently, scientists discovered the Recoiling Black Hole. But scientists have not yet been able to find the location of this recoiling black hole. It is being said that after leaving the center, it is roaming in a mysterious place in space. Abell 2261 is expected to be such a black hole in the Galaxy.

A galactic core has been found in the Hubble and Subaru Optical Observations, within which the number of stars at a particular place is very high. This is not usually seen according to the size of this Galaxy.

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