The Earth is going to be devastated! Acid Rain and Fireballs will fall from the sky

The Earth is going to be devastated! Acid Rain and Fireballs will fall from the sky

People get nervous thinking about Holocaust On Earth. We have heard and seen a lot about the acid rain and fireballs in films and stories. But what if it is true! Scientists believe that the time of the Holocaust can be estimated on the basis of science.

Holocaust is common on earth

According to experts, after every 2.7 million years on earth, there are terrible disastrous events globally. The last time such an event took place was 6.6 million years ago, when perhaps dinosaurs became extinct due to the falling of an asteroid or comet.

Acid rain and fireballs will fall on the earth

It is being said that Holocaust is at least 30 million years behind. Based on a new statistical analysis, researchers in the US have found that Comets, which kill entire lives, rain every 2.6 to 30 million years as they pass through the Galaxy. .

If these comets hit the earth, there will be darkness and cold all over the world, fire in the forests, acid rain and the ozone layer will be over. Along with the creatures living on the land, the creatures living on the water will also be destroyed.

Dinosaurs disappeared due to asteroid collision

Scientists have also said that so far destruction has occurred on land and water, when lava came out from inside the earth. Experts say that the way our planet rotates in the galaxy, the danger is also determined by it.

Michael Rampino, a professor at New York University and author of the study, says, ‘It seems that large objects and the activity inside the earth (which can cause lava to come out), it is destructive events at a difference of 2.7 million years Can be with

Referring to such an incident, he said that three such disastrous incidents have happened in the past. All these had the potential to cause disaster and mass destruction on a global scale. It is believed that the entire species of dinosaurs became extinct by the collision of asteroids.

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