Strange figure covered with ice sheet seen in Antarctica, scientists also worried

Strange figure covered with ice sheet seen in Antarctica, scientists also worried

Antarctica’s ice sheet has always been in discussion, sometimes due to Glacier and sometimes due to some other reason. Once again Antarctica’s ice sheet is in the headlines. Actually, a sheet of ice has spread over thousands of kilometers of square area, where a strange shape is visible.

US Space Agency NASA Scientists from (NASA) are also engaged in investigating this jagged structure. It is being claimed that this shape is formed due to the rapid landing of an object and sliding it for miles. But scientists feel this is something else.

NASA scientists engaged in investigation

According to the report, this picture looks made from hitting an object. Aviation Journalist, which Pappalardo said, may have descended rapidly there, which has created such structures in the snow. Apart from this, the incident of a New Zealand passenger plane crashed in a snow storm in 1979.

This accident was called the Mount Erebus Disaster (Mount erebus disaster) Is also known as.

Snow is seen everywhere

According to NASA scientists, a frozen sea of ​​McMurdo Sound shows a seven-mile-long wall of jagged ice. He explained that it is a rare type of glacier, which consists of millions of tons of ice flowing from Mount Erebus in the frozen seas. Geologist Dr. Alan Lester has stated that only white color will be seen on every side during the whiteout.

This phenomenon occurs due to white glacier below and white cloud above. During this time it is not known what is above or below. In this accident, 20 crew members of the plane along with 237 passengers were killed.

Try to find out the secrets of Antarctica

For your information, let us know that more than 1,000 researchers arrive in Antarctica every year. They try to unravel the hidden secret here and find out climate change. In some areas of Antarctica, the temperature reaches the Antarctica Temperature minus 90 degrees.

Due to the harsh geographical conditions, many areas of Antarctica are monitored only through satellites.


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