Sextuple Star System: 6 stars revolving around each other

Sextuple Star System: 6 stars revolving around each other

In space, many planets are circling each other. But there is also a Sextuple Star System, in which, not one or two but 6 stars are cutting each other. It is 2000 Light years away from Earth. The stars of this system are not visible even when viewed from Telescope. They look like a dot.

This dot sometimes shines lightly or sometimes brightly because these stars keep blocking each other’s light. This system is named TIC 168789840.

Sextuple star system Looks like a dot from the earth

Its stars revolve in such a way that when viewed from the telescope of the earth, they are seen eclipsing each other. Three similar systems have been discovered before this. Before this, the most discussed system was discovered in 1920, which was named Castor. It is only 51 light years away from the earth.

In 1719 it was believed to have only two stars but in 1920 it was found that it has three pairs of stars. Scientists say that TIC 168789840 is like Castor.

Information can be found from this system

There are two pairs of stars inside this system. The first couple completes one round in 31 hours and the second in 38 hours. Together, they complete one Common Center round in 3.7 years. At the same time, outside stars complete one round in 197 hours and they complete the whole system in 2000 years.

With the help of such more data, more information can be obtained about the formation of such a unique system.

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