Scientist gave dangerous signal, the whole earth will freeze like ice age, ice bergs have started melting

The threat of global warming is presently on the world, scientists are also engaged in the solution of this problem. Many events occur due to change in climate. Scientists have started seeing many signs of this. The biggest concern in this is that the polar ice has started melting, which shows the danger of rising sea level. According to the new study, Antarctica The melting of Ice Bergs in Antarctica may bring a new Ice Age on Earth. But this time the ice age will be slightly different.

Earth’s conditions are moving towards the ice age

The result of these process of oceans is that the greenhouse effect starts to decrease and the conditions of the earth go towards the ice age. Professor Ian Hall of Cardiff University has reported that Antarctica and the Earth’s Sun orbit relate to the Southern Ocean’s response and the natural rhythms of the climate system.

Changes in the Sun’s energy

The Nature Journal of Cardiff University scientists has been published, in which they have tried to explain how the Ice Age begins on Earth. According to the information found so far, it has been known about the ice age till now that they come due to the changes in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun in thousands of years. There is a change in the amount of energy which reaches on Earth from Sun.

These events occur before the beginning of the ice age

During this study, scientists ascertained the conditions of the previous climate. Melting of icebergs Antarctica rock fragments fell into the ocean found that these fragments are constantly changing the flow of deep ocean currents. Aidan of Cardiff University told, We were surprised to learn that this event happens at the beginning of every ice age in the last 1.6 million years.

We are living in interglacial period

In the last three million years, the Earth is regularly under the iceage conditions. But we are living in Interglacial period where the temperatures are comparatively warm. But scientists say that due to the rise in global temperature, the natural rhythm of the ice age cycle can be disturbed. The Southern Ocean will be too hot for the ice cliffs of Antarctica. Due to which the flow of the currents of the oceans will start to change, which will start the ice age.

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