Revolution in Space Science, NASA will soon launch Water Fueled CubeSat Satellite

Revolution in Space Science, NASA will soon launch Water Fueled CubeSat Satellite

US Space Agency NASA, Now the water-fueled satellite is ready to leave soon. The fuel will work in these satellites is Water Fueled CubeSat satellite. These satellites will be released from the Earth’s Low Orbit, which is about 160 kilometers from the Earth.

If this mission is successful, then the fuel money in the satellites can be saved. According to NASA, this is the future. Know what NASA has prepared for this.

Satellites will fly through water (CubeSat Satellite)

NASA will launch the water-fueled CubeSat satellites under the Pathfinder Technology Demonstrator-PTD by the end of this month. These satellites will be launched by Space X’s Falcon-9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida. NASA has named this CubeSat V-R3x.

Propulsion systems are economical

V-R3x will help in autonomous radio networking and navigation. According to PTD project manager David Mayer, we needed a very new and affordable Propulsion System for such small satellites. Its biggest feature is that it will not cause pollution in space. If this mission is successful, then in future this technology can also be used in large satellites.

According to David, whenever it comes to putting fuel in satellites, first its hazards are investigated, such as its toxicity, flammability etc. But there will be no such danger from satellites flying by water. If the satellites collide, then there will be no explosion.

CubeSat Satellite is Highly secure power system

CubeSat’s Propulsion System uses technology that breaks down the hydrogen and oxygen particles from the water inside it to give it energy to move forward. At the same time, Solar Panels of CubeSat will energize the propulsion system with the energy of sun rays to separate the hydrogen and oxygen particles from the water.

According to David, when hydrogen and oxygen gases form, then their energy becomes very high. Because of this, we get the security, direction and maneuvering of satellites Would be easy to do. This is a very safe energy system.

The launching of satellites is also economical

There is no toxicity in water. It is also not flammable and is more stable than other fuels. Therefore with the help of such fuel, the launching of satellites will also become economical. Due to the availability of free water, there will be no problem of any loss in its use. This will enable many satellites to fly in future and it will also save a huge fuel cost.

6 CubeSat satellites launched for the first time

6 CubeSat satellites will be launched for the first time in a Falcon-9 rocket. They will work in space for four to six months. During this, NASA will continue to check their performance. Also, will prepare to improve the problems that come with them so that they can be made better.

After a few years, when it comes to sending Deep Space Mission i.e. Moon or Mars or sending humans, this fuel will be used to make the space journey economical.

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