NASA discovers new planet, K-Pop Fans gives credit to BTS Army

NASA: In 2019, a 17-year-old teenager in America discovered a new planet in the Universe. This child has done that thing, to which big scientists also put their whole life. New planet has been discovered in a binary star system named TOI 1338, which is present in a planetarium located 1300 light years from Earth.

It is the only known planet in this system. This planet is 6.9 times larger than Earth and is close to its sun. After this, many tweets are becoming viral on social media about this planet.

Fans of Korean band BTS are singing different rants on social media regarding this planet. They believe that this discovery was made by BTS rather than NASA. The color of this planet is like the lavender and pink color of bubbles, which is quite beautiful to see.

The photo of the new planet is quite trending on social media. Lakhs of people have liked and commented on this post. Actually, the image used in the cover of BTS video ‘Heartbeat’ is similar to that of this planet. Since then, fans of the K-pop band are giving credit to the BTS Army for the discovery of the planet on social media.

The intern had discovered the planet

In 2019, 17-year-old Kishore Wolf Kakier did an internship at NASA. Kakier, a high school student, did a big job on the third day of the internship. Kakier had discovered a new planet, orbiting the Sun.

According to the media report, Kakier had said in this regard – I was looking at the data for all the things that volunteers had marked as an eclipse binary. It is a system where two stars revolve around each other and our scenes revolve around each other’s orbit.

Ariana Grand’s fans are not far behind

After seeing the madness of BTS Army, the fans of American singer Ariana Grande were also going to stay behind. They are giving credit to this American singer for the discovery of this new planet. He says that the color scheme, which looks like the planet, was used in Ariana Grande’s music video ‘God Is A Woman’, which was released in 2018,

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