Most Mysterious Rock in Tamilnadu, which even Science could not Explain

Most Mysterious Rock in Tamilnadu, which even Science could not Explain

Mysterious rock in Tamilnadu: There is a strange thing in the world, on which scientists constantly research. Many events and things remains challenges for the scientist. Science has not yet solved these events and mysteries. One such challenge is Butterball of Mahabalipuram, which has been challenging science for 1200 years. This is called Krishna’s butterball. Let’s know the scientific logic and mystery behind this butterball.

What is Butterball?

Krishna’s Butterball of Mahabalipuram is a huge granite rock located in Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu). 6 meters high and 5 meters wide this rock weighs 250 tons and is situated on a slope. You will be shocked to know that this rock has been located on this slope for the last 1200 years. The original name of the rock is Vaan Irai Kal, which means ‘stone of the god of the sky’. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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Scientific reason behind it

Scientists believe that this rock is in its natural form. According to geologists, due to natural changes in the earth, such unusual shaped stones have been born. Science has made so much progress in the present time, but in spite of this, it is still not known how this 250 ton stone is supported on a base of 4 feet.

Some people claim that the reason for not rolling the stone is Friction and Gravity. Geologists argue that natural corrosion is unlikely to produce such an unusual shape. Some believe that the gods themselves kept it. At the same time, some say that the aliens have kept it.

All attempts to remove it failed

All attempts to remove this stone have failed so far. In 1908, Arthur Havelock, the governor of Mahabalipuram, attempted to move the rock using seven elephants, but the rock did not move even an inch. The Pallava king Narasimhavarman also tried unsuccessfully to move the rock. People believe that someday the rock will roll down, but it is not even hilly for the last 1200 years!

The Krishna ton butterball, weighing 250 tons, has remained in its place for the past nearly 1300 hundred years after earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones and many natural disasters. Not only this, many unsuccessful human attempts have also been made to remove this stone. People who reach Mahabalipuram from all over the world are amazed to see Krishna Butter Ball made from natural stones.

Folklore recognition

According to Hindu folklore, Lord Krishna often stole butter from his mother’s pitcher and this natural rock is attributed to the mass of butter! That is why its name is Butterball of Krishna.

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