Moon Rock is in the office of US President Joe Biden, know its specialty

The new US President Joe Biden has taken command of America. After President Joe Biden’s arrival, many changes were made to the office. In the office of President Joe Biden US, there is a moon rock, which has been specially brought for him.

NASA: This piece was brought from the Moon through the Apollo Mission of Apollo. It is a piece of stone, which is kept in the office in a decorative case.

What is this moon piece

It is a matter of discussion among the people that what is this ‘Moon Rock’. According to a Washington Post report, Biden has kept this moon sample in his office, so that the people of America can remember their ambitions and achievements of previous generations. The specimen was rented from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. This specimen was brought to Earth during NASA’s Apollo Mission.

This stone is 3.9 billion years old

Scientist Smith cut this stone from a big rock on station 6. Station 6 is a site located on a mountain named North Massif near the Taurus Litro Valley, north of the Moon. This moon piece is about 3.9 billion years old, which is part of the rock named Bresia. This rock was formed after the collision of the Asteroid.

This collision took place on the Earth side of the Moon. According to NASA, 76015,143 imbrium belongs to the impact basin. This crater is 711.5 miles in diameter.

What is special about this moon piece

A lot of information can be gained from this piece. The most important thing in this is that these rocks are not like the rocks of the earth, which keep changing due to tectonic activities. Apart from this, there is no effect of activity like erosion in these rocks. These activities take place on Earth, but not on the Moon.

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