Earth Core is getting cold, Know how much time we can live on Earth?

How long the Earth’s core will be able to sustain life on Earth!

New Delhi: There are many specialties in Earth, due to which life is possible here. But few people know that the biggest reason for the Favourable Living Conditions on Earth is the overheating of the Earth’s core. And for this reason, the core of the earth is also called its heart. Now scientists have tried to find out how long the Earth will save its life. That is, how long will the core of the earth be able to stay warm on Earth.

This core is very important

Know How Long The Earth’s Core has an important role in many processes. It moves the tectonic plate. And most importantly, it protects the earth from the dangerous radiation of the sun. Please tell that it requires a lot of power energy. This creates a powerful magnetic field.


High energy consumption

Scientists are aware that the energy of this core is spent a lot and it is slowly getting cold. Let me tell you that the temperature of the Earth’s core is more than the surface of the Sun. This temperature is up to 10 thousand degrees Celsius.

Special armor

Earth’s huge magnetic field extends far into space, due to which charged particles coming from the sun are not able to come near the earth. Not only this, due to this field, energetic electrons do not collide with the Earth, due to which life on earth remains unaffected by these radiations and rain.

Why there is life on earth?

Because of the magnetic field, these energetically charged particles and electrons remain in a particular region. They do not come near the Earth, this area is called Van Allen Belt. Because of this, life on earth is flourishing and sustained. In its absence, solar winds will blow up the ozone layer and ultraviolet radiation will envelop the Earth. And life on earth will be impossible.

How long will the earth’s core be cold?

Though the earth cooled slowly, its heat has been decreasing since ancient times when it was a hot fireball. But there was another reason why the earth’s manters and core layers were hot. They are radioactive materials found in the depths of the earth which are present near the core.

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Roll of radioactive materials

It is difficult to know how much heat emitted from the dissolution process of radioactive materials is contributing to keeping the center of the Earth warm. But it is true that if the heat inside the earth is mostly archaic heat then it will cool down very quickly. On the other hand, if radioactive substances have a role in it, then the heat of the core will last longer.

How long will the Earth’s core stay warm?

If the core is rapidly cooling down, then this process (Sustain Life On Earth) will take twenty billion years. It is so long that before that our sun will have cooled down and will take five billion years. Scientists will detect nuclear fuel of the core with the help of geoneutrino using special type of sensors. To know what is left, scientists will use the special type of sensors to help the geoneutrino.

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