In this city of America, the sky continues to crack all the time, science also fails in front of nature

In the Universe there is nothing more than nature. In today’s time, scientists have made great progress in every field. They have also made the impossible possible. Even after doing so much, there are some things whose secrets remain a challenge for scientists even today.

Human nature and science also give up many times in front of nature. It is very difficult to understand nature. There is also a place in this world, where there is always the most electric place on earth. Its mystery (Lightning Secret) remains intact even today. This event occurs over the Catatumbo River in Venezuela in Venezuela.

Lighting fall thousands of times in an hour

In the South American country Venezuela, some such incidents are happening continuously, about which the laws of science have also failed. There is always lightning on a lake situated here. Catatumbo Lightning this process (Catatumbo Lightning).

You will be surprised to know that electricity falls at this place thousands of times in every one hour. The mystery behind this remains a challenge before scientists. Nobody has known about it till date. According to a report, science has named this mystery ‘The Maracaibo Beacon’.

What is the secret of a 260 day storm?

This place is known by many names, such as Catatumbo Lightning, Everlasting Storm, Dramatic Roll of Thunder, etc. Many people also call this place the ‘natural power house’ of the world.

According to the information, 260 days are stormy here every year. In these 260 days of stormy nights, the lightning remains here overnight (The Most Electric Place On Earth). Its videos and photos are viral on social media. This year-round storm and howling lightning remains a challenge for scientists all over the world.

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