In this case, ants are more intelligent than humans

New Delhi: Coronavirus made people understand the importance of Social Distancing and Isolation. But do you know that ants have been trying this concept for a long time? The research team at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, has done research on the ants of the species Lasius Niger, which has revealed that the sick ants keep themselves away from their peers.

Research done on Ants

(Ants are more intelligent) In research, such a colony of research on ants was selected where a large number of ants lived. About 2200 ants were in these settlements. Here Infrared Camera was installed so that every activity of them could be monitored. After this, about 10 percent of the ants were exposed to Fungus so that they could be made ill.

Researchers had kept the dose of this fungus low so that ants would not die, just to get a little sick. By the way, ants usually die within one to two days from this fungal infection.

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Scientists are also surprised to see the understanding of ants

(Ants are more intelligent) According to researcher Sylvia Kramer, the behavior of ants changed after exposure to fungus. Sick ants started staying away from their mates so that their illness would not be passed on to others. Sick ants started living together and were completely separated from the main party. Sick ants, especially babies and queens started living separately from ants so that they do not fall ill. Scientists were also surprised to see this understanding of ants.

Sick ants live separately

After seeing this unique behavior of ants, the researcher (Researcher) says that we need to learn from the behavior of ants to prevent the spread of Infectious Diseases. Also, it needs to be seen that other ants do not leave the sick ant in isolation, but rather fulfill all their needs and also share their responsibility among themselves.

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