Dinosaurs On Moon: Dinosaurs reached the moon before humans, know how it happened

Dinosaurs on Moon: The first known person on the moon was Neil Armstrong. But do you know that Dinosaurs was on the moon before humans ? It is believed that dinosaurs reached the moon 66 million years ago. The possibility of finding some part of the dinosaur on the moon has been expressed in Peter Brannen’s 2017 book “The Ends of the World”.

This book is in great discussion on social media these days. Blogger Matt Austin has shared some part of the book on Twitter.

Debris reached the moon after hitting an asteroid

Actually, dinosaurs are believed to have become extinct due to the Asteroid hitting the Earth. In this book, it has been claimed that the debris reached the moon when it hit the asteroid. That asteroid was bigger than Mount Everest and it came towards the Earth at a higher speed than any sharp bullet.

In the book, Geophysicist Mario Reboledo was quoted as saying that the atmospheric pressure of the asteroid was so high that it had already hit the ground before its collision.

Asteroid falls 120 miles from the pit

It has been written in this book that the Asteroid was so huge that even after the atmosphere came, there was no loss of any kind. Brannon says that the pressure created by the asteroid created a vacuum instead of air in the sky above. It is possible that dinosaur bones are on the moon.

Riboledo wrote, 120 miles of crater caused by the fall of the asteroid, the rocks had evaporated and billions of tons of sulfur and carbon dioxide were in the sky.

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