After the Earth, now the creatures are becoming extinct from the sea, there may be a threat to the environment

There are many such creatures on the earth, which are necessary for the beauty of the earth as well as the environment. But due to human mistakes, the risk of these species disappearing is increasing. According to new research, in the last 50 years, 70 percent of shark fish have perished. This is very surprising and disturbing.

Sea Overfishing Shark Fish and Ray Fish can be destroyed forever.

Fishes are becoming extinct due to over-fishing

Simon Fraser University of Canada (Simon Fraser University) And Britain’s University of Exeter (University of Exeter) Scientists said in their research that the pressure on catching fish has increased 18 times since 1970. Due to this, without any doubt, the eco system has been affected and many organisms are extinct on a large scale.

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Over-fishing due to large-scale fishing, not only shark fish but also ray fish is also in danger of being completely extinct.

Hammerhead shark is in trouble

Scientists noticed that after 1970, the population of shark and ray fish has declined by 71 percent. 24 out of 31 species of sharks and ray fishes have now come on the list of troubled species. Not only this, Oceanic Whitetip and Great Hammerhead Sharks (found in the sea)Hammerhead shark) Has also come in a lot of trouble.

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Threat to marine environment

Research has found that the Indian Ocean (Indian Ocean) Such as Tropical Areas, these organisms are dying out more rapidly. If no steps are taken to save these fish, they will become completely extinct. Explain that shark fishes are included in the identification of sea creatures. They are very important for the marine environment.

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