2021 will be fantastic in the science field, you will get answers to some important questions

New Delhi: Corona virus (Coronavirus) Because the year 2020 has been tragic since the beginning. But it was very special for the world of science. There are going to be many such works in the field of science in 2021 which will remain in the headlines. Scientists are hoping that 2021 will also be brilliant in science like 2020. This year space research (Space Exploration) The results of two efforts in the last year will be eagerly awaited by the scientists and people.

There will be good news from the field of space (science field)

This year, two rover Mars (Mars) Will try to get on the surface. NASA (NASA) ‘S Perceived Rover will land on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021. Around that time, China’s Tianwen-1 expedition will also reach Mars with an orbiter, a lander and a golf cart-shaped rover. Very good news is coming for astronomers and scientists for space research in the year 2021. The moment that has been waiting for a long time is going to end.

There will be a new discovery about other objects

NASA this year James Webb Space Telescope (James Webb Space Telescope, JWST). It will be an infrared telescope that after being installed in space can give in-depth information about distant stars and other objects, which could not be found till now. Many previous research is waiting for this telescope. The effect of the change of power in America (US) will be seen in the field of science. US President Joe Biden (Joe biden) Has already indicated that their emphasis will be more focused on problems like environment of the world.

Scientists will find out the root of corona

This year, the effect of Corona is expected to decrease. Also the World Health Organization (WHO) Will check that the corona virus (Coronavirus) How it was born and how it spread. This year, an international team of 10 scientists will travel to China and investigate the origin of the corona virus. The team will find out whether the virus came from humans in bats or through some other animal.

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Medicine can be found for cancer

Also, an effective drug can be found for diseases like cancer this year. For the last thirty years, scientists have been trying to control a protein named KRAS, which is indicated by many cancers. KRAS has so far been ineffective with medicines because scientists could not find ways to work in it. This year its medicine can be approved this year. This will be the first authorized drug for cancer.

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