2 giant Asteroids going to pass close to the Earth, what is going to be a disaster?

There is often a danger of a huge asteroid falling on the earth. Scientists give this information beforehand. Once again, two fairly large asteroids are going to pass through the earth in the coming days. NASA Has himself given information about this

These are similar to the building of Asteroid America. These two asteroids will pass through the earth. There is no threat to the Earth with these asteroids. The first asteroid 2020P will leave 4.3 million miles from Earth on 23 January i.e. Saturday.

Asteroids is coming so fast

The width of an asteroid is about 370 meters and its speed is expected to be 18,700 miles per hour. At the same time, the second Asteroid is the 2010 JE87, which will pass close to the Earth on the coming Monday i.e. January 25. Its distance will be 37 lakh miles. This asteroid is 430 meters.

What effect will this asteroid have on Earth

If the Asteroid were larger than this size, the Earth could be threatened. But there is not much danger with small pieces. Usually they fall in the ocean because water is present on most of the earth. If a high-speed space object is expected to come closer than 46.5 lakh miles from the earth, then it is considered dangerous by space organizations.

NASA’s Sentry system already monitors such threats. There are currently 22 such asteroids for the coming 100 years, with little chance of hitting the earth.

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