Donald Trump appealed to the American public to be ‘United’, did not mention impeachment

Washington: US President Donald Trump, in his first reaction after the House voted in favor of impeachment, appealed to the people to be ‘united’. He also urged people to avoid violence. But he has refrained from saying anything about im-peachment. In his speech delivered through a video, he said that no true supporter of mine can advocate political violence.

Donald Trump said that no true supporter of mine can ever insult our law and the flag of our great America. If you do any such thing, then you are not helping our movement. At the same time, he said that let us choose to move forward unitedly for the good of our families.

Significantly, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives of the United States raised a capitol attack on supporters of President Donald Trump. After the debate on the historic second impeachment against Trump, the motion for impeachment was passed. The motion for impeachment has passed with 232 votes against 197. 10 Republican lawmakers also voted in favor of impeachment. Now this motion will be brought in the Senate on January 19.

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