After taking wickets, Sreesanth thanking the pitch, the fans said – ‘Lion does not forget to hunt …’ – Watch Video

Sreesanth joins hands after taking wickets, fans say- ‘Tiger is Back’

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2021: The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy was played between Puducherry and Kerala (Puducherry Vs Kerala). In this match, all eyes were on Sreesanth, who returned to play cricket after 7 years. Returned from the match against Puducherry at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Monday. Sreesanth took one wicket for 29 runs in 4 overs. After completing his spell, he was also seen adding his hands to the pitch. #Sreesanth started trending top on Twitter after a great comeback. People praised him and congratulated him on his return. Sreesanth bowled Puducherry’s opener batsman Fabid Ahmed in a stunning style. The video is becoming viral on social media.

Sreesanth bowled in the fourth over. Opener batsman Fabid Ahmed was standing in front. He bowled a brilliant line length and dodged the batsman and hit him boldly. After getting out, he celebrated in his style. After that after finishing four overs, he was seen adding hands to the pitch. This was the biggest opportunity for him. After taking the wicket, the players present there also celebrated with him.

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A picture of Sreesanth is going viral, where he is seen thanking the pitch. They are joining hands after touching the pitch. People consider this picture to be the most beautiful …

On Twitter, people called him a lion and wished him a good return in Team India. People have given such reactions on Twitter …

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