JEE Main Preparation Tips: According to your preparation, select the session of the examination

There is now about a month and a half left in the JEE Main exam for admission to IITs and Engineering Institute. In such a situation, students can pay attention to the topics which have been considered boring or have not given much attention yet. At the same time, there are some students who, after completing the preparation in lockdown, are now strengthening their JEE Main Preparation. In such a situation, the managing partner of FIITJEE Jaipur Dhruv Kumar Banerjee Telling children about preparation planning and some tips before appearing in the exam

Choose examination session according to your convenience

According to expert Dhruv Kumar Banerjee, students can appear in the exam 2 or 3 times out of the four according to their preparation. Apart from this, he can also take all four sessions. Students who have not completed their JEE Main Preparation in the lockdown, they can appear in the last appearance of the exam. At the same time, the student whose preparation has been completed, he can appear in the examination to be held in February.

Wise revision of chapter and topic: –

Physics is a conceptual subject, in which concepts matter a lot. In addition to the physics of 12th students should also read Physics of 11th. One of the top mechanics is very important. At the same time, semi-conductor topic students in modern physics seem boring at first, but it is quite interesting if read with a practical approach.

In JEE Main, questions will be asked from the three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. In such a situation, revise all subjects and chapter wise according to the date of examinations. Make a list of short notes and formulas. These notes will help in quick revision before exams.

How to prepare

1) Repeat the formula as much as possible

Read the notes you have prepared for JEE Main Preparation. Keep repeating the formula of subjects like physics, chemistry more and more. During the exam, students are often unable to solve the question due to some formula.

2) Practice is the most effective way

There is not much time in exam now, so practice more and more of the topics you have studied. Keep repeating the subjects as much as possible and also read the question bank carefully. At least solve question paper of last 10 years.

3) Prepare for NCERT books

Keep in mind that the minimum and sufficient study material for JEE is 12th course only. So repeat the course thoroughly and read the NCERT books as much as possible.

Follow these tips for preparation-

  • Practice the numerical part of the Electricity-Magnetism topic.
  • Solve the question paper of the last 10 years as much as possible.
  • Set Weekly Target i.e. the first chapter of 11th January and revise in 12th of February.
  • Know the status of your preparation by analyzing yourself with planning subject subject.
  • Choose the session of the exam according to your preparation and prepare short notes for revision.
  • Make a habit of getting up early in the morning and improve your biological clock.
  • Work on identifying and strengthening strength and strength.
  • Make it a habit to read again from 9 to 12 and 2 to 5 o’clock, so that you remain focused during the exam.
  • The habit of sitting has been missed due to staying in the house for several months, so do exercise.

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