Know who is America’s first woman Vice President Kamala Harris…

Kamala Harris has created history by becoming the first woman Vice President of America.

Kamala Harris has created history by becoming the first woman of America, the first Indian, first black vice-president. Popularly known as ‘Female Obama’, Harris became a member of the Senate for the first time. In his historic speech after his victory in November, Harris recalled his late mother Shyamala Gopalan, a cancer researcher and civil rights activist from India, saying that she had prepared him for this big day in his political career. She also said that she may be the first woman to hold the post of Vice President, but she will not be the last.

Harris (56) has set many examples. She is the first woman, first Indian, and first African American to become District Attorney of San Francisco. Joe Biden, the Democratic Party candidate for the US Presidential Election 2020, elected Harris as the Vice Presidential candidate in August. Harris was once a bitter critic of her former rival Biden. Harris, 56, is one of three Asian American members of the Senate. She was popularly known as ‘Female Obama’ during Obama’s tenure. Born on 20 October 1964, Kamala Devi Harris’s mother Shyamala Gopalan arrived in UC Berkeley from Tamil Nadu, India in 1960, while her father Donald J Harris came to UC Berkeley in 1961 from British Jamaica to pursue a Bachelor of Economics. It was here that the two met during the study and while participating in the human rights movements, they decided to get married.

Kamala, who studied at Harvard University after high school, was just seven years old when her parents separated from each other. Kamala and her younger sister Maya lived with their mother and their mother’s influence was very much on their lives. However, that period was not comfortable for black people. During the upbringing of Kamala and Maya, her mother kept both of them from her background and taught them to be proud of their shared heritage. She was deeply involved with Indian culture. On this Biden-Harris publicity website, Kamala wrote in her autobiography, “The Truths We Hold”, that her mother knew that she was raising two black daughters and that she was always black Will be seen, but he gave his daughters such rites that cancer researcher and human rights activist Shyamala and her two daughters came to be known as “Shyamala and the Girls”.

After studying at Harvard University, Harris studied law at the University of California. In 2003, she became San Francisco’s top prosecutor. In 2010, she was the first woman and the first black person to become a California attorney. In 2017 Harris was elected Junior US Senator from California. When Kamala married her fellow lawyer Douglas Amphoff in 2014, she became involved in Indian, African and American traditions as well as Jewish tradition.

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