You can Win “Royal Enfield”, If you eat this 4 kg ‘Bullet Thali’ in 1 hour

You can Win “Royal Enfield”, If you eat this 4 kg ‘Bullet Thali’ in 1 hour

Many types of challenges are often heard about food and drink. Sometimes some water takes the challenge of eating puri, sometimes some gulab jamuns. One such challenge is now started by a Pune restaurant for its customers. However, this challenge is quite different from all the challenges till now and is surprising. Just think how you would feel if you received a brand new Royal Infield Bullet along with tasty food. Yes, this restaurant in Pune has set this challenge. Actually, a special competition has been started in the Shivraj Hotel here. In which the winning person will be given a completely new Royal Enfield bullet in the prize.

Shivraj Hotel owner Atul Waikar has started this competition to attract people to the hotel. According to him, a large non-veg bullet plate is prepared in the hotel. In which the total weight of all the dishes is 4 kg. The person desirous of winning the prize has to finish this plate in 1 hour. Who will finish eating all the dishes of this plate in 1 hour, he will be given a new Royal Infield Bullet prize of Rs 1.65 lakh.

To tell people about the prize, the hotel has also built 5 new Royal Infields in its verandah. Also, it has been mentioned in menu cards and posters. People will get all non-veg dishes in this bullet plate. There will be a total of 12 dishes, which will weigh 4 kg. 55 people prepare it together. It includes fry surai, fry fish, chicken tandoori, dry mutton, dry mutton, chicken masala and prawn biryani.

Owner of Shivraj Hotel Atul told that the price of this non veg bullet plate has been kept at Rs 2500. The hotel opened 8 years ago. Even before this, the hotel has been offering many attractive offers. Earlier, a Ravana plate was also brought here. Which had 8 kg of dishes. Those who finished it in 1 hour were given cash of 5 thousand rupees. Let me tell you that only one customer has destroyed the bullet plate so far. He is Somnath Pawar of Solapur. He was given a bullet in the prize.

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