The dog was trapped inside the frozen river of snow, the firefighter jumped in to save and then … View Video

The dog was trapped inside the frozen river of snow, firefighter jumped in and then … Viral Video

In a heartbreaking incident, a firefighter gained online acclaim after jumping into a partially frozen pond to rescue a trapped dog (Firefighter Jumps Into Frozen Pond To Rescue Trapped Dog). Video footage of the incident at Sterne Park in Colorado, Colorado, USA (USA) was shared with the South Metro Fire Rescue official account. Video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

South Metro Fire Rescue wrote in the tweeting video, ‘A cute little dog got trapped in a frozen river in the snow last night at Starne Park, City of Littleton. People sitting by the river called 911. The firefighter quickly showed up and took him out. The dog is completely fine.

See Video:

In the 35-second viral clip, the firefighter can be seen holding onto a rope before jumping inside the pond to help the dog. A moment later, the audience cheers. The dog comes out and crawls into the icy water. Since being shared online, Firefighter has been praised for saving the dog’s life.

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