These Unique AirPods Cover dominated social Media

These unique AirPods Cover dominated social media

New and unique things are often seen on social media. Many times, there are some such things which we are surprised to see. So at the same time, some such things are seen, which touches our heart. What we are going to show you here, those photos will definitely win your heart and seeing them, you too will not be able to stop yourself from saying so cute. You must have seen many AirPods covers by now. Which will be mostly simple and colorful. But, the AirPod covers we are going to show you here are quite unique. By looking at them, you will not be able to understand whether those AirPods are covered or something.

Actually, many users on Twitter have shared AirPods covers of such unique designs and colors, which are very cute and fun to watch. Looking at them, it does not seem like they can be covered by AirPods. First on Twitter, a woman named Sabina Meschke shared the AirPod cover with Vaseline box. After that, there has been a line of unique AirPods cover on Twitter. People started sharing unique AirPod covers one after the other.

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