‘Rio’, the special horse of 61 ‘Cavalry Regiment’, will be seen in the Republic Day Parade


‘Rio Horse’, the special horse, will be seen in the Republic Day Parade

Rio, the special horse of 61 ‘cavalry regiment’, will be seen for the 18th time in India’s 72nd Republic Day parade, which has been participating in the parade since the age of four. Captain Dipanshu Shioran told that this horse born in India, the Hanoverian breed, is 22 years old and has been participating in the parade since the age of four. This year, for the third time he will lead a contingent of the world’s only serving cavalry regiment.

Dipanshu Sheoran told ‘PTI-Bhasha’, “Rio is a very special horse. He understands the commander’s point. It is a matter of great pride that on this Republic Day, he will be seen on the Rajpath for the 18th time as a member of 61 ‘cavalry regiment’ and for the 15th time he will be commanded by a team commander. ”

The ’61 cavalry regiment ‘located in Jaipur, established in the year 1953, has remained the center of attraction in the Republic Day Parade since its inception. It was formed by combining the units of the six erstwhile imperial forces, including the Mysore Lancers, the Jodhpur Lancers and the Gwalior Lancers. In 1918, the ancestors of the regiment fought an important battle of Haifa in Israel with the British armed forces.

Sheoran (27), a resident of Kashipur in Uttarakhand, said that horse riding on the Rajpath in official uniform is a luxurious and enjoyable experience in itself and then riding on ‘Rio’ makes it more special. The young officer said, “Rio is trained for the official ceremony and we take special care of him. He listens to us and obeys it completely. ”

Sheoran, a fourth-generation member of the armed forces from his family, praises the regiment’s special place in the army, which he also considers the “link between the past and the present” of the country’s army. On the question of facing difficulty in preparing for the Kovid-19, he said, “Yes, of course it was very challenging. Due to this the number of horses has also been reduced to 43. “Sheoran has led the army team in 2018 and again in 2020 also.

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