Lohri 2021: Where did the word ‘Lohri’ come from? What is Lohri celebrated for?

Lohri 2020: Why ‘fire’ is lit at Lohri?

Happy Lohri 2021: Lohri is the most popular festival in North India. But especially in Punjab this festival is celebrated with great pomp. This year the festival of Lohri will be celebrated on 13 January. On this day, all people burn Lohri outside their houses and squares. Rewari, who tells the story of Dulla Bhatti, makes a circle of fire and eats peanuts and lava. The festival of Lohri is celebrated at the end of autumn. It is believed that the day of this festival is the longest last night of the year and the day starts gradually from the next day. It is said that at the time of Lohri, the farmers’ fields start swaying and the Rabi crop comes in harvest. The celebration of Lohri is celebrated before the joy of the new crop and the preparation of the next sowing.

Where did the word Lohri come from?

People have different beliefs about the word Lohri. Many believe that the word Lohri originated from ‘Loi (wife of Saint Kabir), but many believe it to have originated from Tilodi, which later became Lohri. At the same time, some people believe that the word originated from ‘Loh’, a tool used to make chapati.

What is the importance of fire?

It is believed that the fire is burnt in memory of Sati, daughter of King Daksha, on the day of this festival. According to legend, once King Daksha performed a yajna and did not invite his son-in-law Shiva and daughter Sati in it. Disappointed with this, Sati went to her father to get an answer as to why he did not send Shiva to the Yagya. On this matter, King Daksha strongly condemned Sati and Lord Shiva. Sati cried a lot, she was not seen insulting her husband and he consumed herself in the same yagna. Hearing the news of Sati’s death, Lord Shiva himself produced Veerabhadra and caused the demolition of the yagya through him. At the same time, some people believe that this fire is lit on the last night of Pus and the first morning of Magh to reduce the harsh cold.

How is Lohri celebrated?

Woods are collected for this festival several days in advance. In Punjab, children go from house to house singing folk songs and collect wood for this festival. These wood are kept in an open and large place, so that more and more people gather there and celebrate the festival with everyone. On Lohri night, all the people gather around this group of wood then fire is done by traditional methods. People dance and sing around this fire, offering peanuts, gajak, popcorn, maize and revdi in it. Traditional folk songs are sung during this time.

In Punjab, people perform folk dance Bhangra and Giddha. On this day, married daughters are called home with solicitation and love. They are served food with respect and truth and are presented with clothes and gifts. The first Lohri of a newborn child and a newly married couple in a Punjabi family is very special. In such a house, a party is given on the occasion of this festival and relatives and close relatives are invited from far and wide. People of Punjab are settled not only in India but also abroad. This is the reason why this festival is celebrated with pomp and joy in many parts of the world, especially in Canada.

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