China starts floating train, will travel at a speed of 620 kilometers per hour: See Video

China starts floating train, will travel at a speed of 620 kilometers per hour

China has unveiled a prototype for a new high-speed maglev train, capable of running at a speed of 620 kilometers per hour. This train made by scientists of Southwest Jiaotong University has no wheels. Instead, the magnetic levitation train has been developed with high-temperature superconducting (HTS) technology, which uses magnets. According to The Independent, which allows it to ‘hover’ over the track. This makes it appear that the train is floating on magnetized tracks and allows fast, frictionless travel.

The 69-foot prototype was unveiled in Chengdu on Wednesday. In this ceremony, the train was seen floating slowly along the track. Sharing footage of the prototype in a tweet, the news agency Xinhua News said, “Superconductor technology employs the train and can make it lighter than its peers.”

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According to the CGTN report, the ‘floating’ train has been introduced as “zero to one” in the development of HTS technology in the country. The train was unveiled with much fanfare. Researchers are hoping to fully operationalize it in the next three to 10 years.

Explain that the new maglev train is part of China’s plan to make fast links between its cities. It is designed to travel at a speed of 620 kmph, which can cover the travel time between London and Paris in just 47 minutes. Already, researchers are working to increase that speed to 800 kmph.

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